ATTN: Freelance engineers & Creative Musicians!

Soapbox Music is looking for a 4th member for our recording studio cooperative. Our recording studio is a soundproof standalone building that is acoustically treated and outfitted with an 8 channel audio interface, pro tools, lots of microphones and more. This is a funky little space that feels like home, comfortable enough to get creative but serious enough to do precision recording. This is great for freelance engineers, creative musicians, or small bands (2-4 people) who would like a regular recording studio space for their projects and are open to sharing gear. In addition our cooperative has regular meetings to try and organize and help each other, as our goal is to build a creative and generous music community in Chicago. We want to get to know you.

You would pay a flat monthly rate which includes all utilities (electricity, heat, water, security) and we use a shared Google calendar to book studio time. You get 2 regularly scheduled days a week for rehearsal and recording, and if you ever need to occasionally block out more time (say a week for a special recording project, or an extra day) that is also possible as everyone is flexible.

It's definitely a unique space and not for everyone. But if it sounds perfect for your needs, please don't hesitate to drop us a line (email is best, as we are not so great with phones).

Email us at:
Phone: 773-800-0729

Slot filled.

Thank you for everyone who has contacted us regarding the open member slot. We are again currently full and will update the site if a slot opens up.

Open slot now available! Join us and get creative.

We here at Soapbox have been extremely fortunate to have full occupancy (4/4 bands) for almost two years. Shoutouts and thanks to Rabble Rabble, Bike Cops, Orange Drink, and Black Tie Elephant for making this happen!


Sadly, Orange Drink will be leaving Chicago and also Soapbox, leaving us with a rare vacancy. So if you know of a great band looking to split an excellent recording/rehearsal studio with other share-minded bands, get in touch!


More info about the space is available here.



Tel: 773-800-0729